Contests, Awards & Giveaways

Ms. United Ink

Time & Date: Saturday April 1 at 5 pm.

Registration Fee: $25 | Non-refundable. The fee includes the outfit that is mandatory to wear during the judging. *Purchasing this ticket does not include admittance into expo. General admission tickets can be purchased here via eTix.

Contest Host: Bernadette Macias

Rules: Contestants must be tattooed and must wear official expo outfit (to be provided at show). Will be judged on personality, looks and tattoos. Also, if you have a special skill or talent you will be allowed to put that on display too (5 mins or less).

Prizes: Winner gets 4 page spread in Inked Magazine, $500 cash and a $100 gift card – 2nd place gets $300 cash – 3rd place gets $100 cash.

Cut-off Time: All contestants must be registered by 5pm, Friday March 31st.

Other Info: All contestants must be available from 1pm-5pm on Saturday, April 1st. Official contest apparel will be given out at 1pm, Saturday at the Ms. United Ink/Bernadette booth (#506). Meet & greets, photo opportunities, convention walk-around will take place with host, Bernadette Macias between 1:30pm and 5pm.

Ms. United Ink contest hosted by Bernadette Macias In NYC

People’s Choice Award

Vote for your favorite contestant for the 2017 Ms. United Ink Contest. Who ever receives the most votes will win $300 cash, the title of Peoples Choice and a photo shoot for! Join us Saturday April 1st at 5pm at Resorts World Casino for the full contest, hosted by Bernadette Macias. See below for more details and registration information.

Amber Lynch

Linda Marie

Amber Meade

Cenaida Camacho

Dia Renee

Meliann Rivera

Mimi Fulton

Felicity Feline

Rhiannon Hastings

Theresa Cardella

Tina Vincent

Skylar Striharsky

Alexandria Valentino

Emily Diaz

Jessica Marie

Jennifer Albert

Neva Benware

Oxana Pastor

Normaliz Rivera

Marcella Villarreal

Kelley Rae

Iris Figuereo

Miss Jess

Irene Roman

Aniela Limondin

Darrion Trainer

Kaitlyn Cvijanovich

Christina Fredrickson

Tattoo Awards

Contest registration for all days begins at the start of the expo on Friday. You may signup for any category up until that specific category judging begins. Contest times to be announced.
Each winner of ‘Tattoo Of The Day’ category will receive a brand new Equaliser Proton machine!


Original Flash
Worst Tattoo Contest (1st place only)
Most Unusual (1st place only)
Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve
Hand, Neck, Face
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)


Best Color Tattoo (all sizes)
Best Black & Grey Tattoo (all sizes)
Small Color Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Color Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Small Black & Grey (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Black & Grey Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Traditional & Neo-traditional
Horror (fresh & healed)
Ornamental (fresh & healed)
Animal Portrait (fresh & healed)
New York/ American Pride
Biomechanical (fresh & healed)
Fresh traditonal & neo-traditional
Fresh color & new school
Fresh Black & Grey
Fresh Portrait
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)


Avant-Garde (1st place only)
Watercolor (fresh & healed)
Floral (fresh & healed)
Asian Style
Overall Female (1st place only)
Overall Male (1st place only)
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)
Best of Show (1st place only)
Artist Hanger & Fusion Project – Best of Show

Contest Judges

Tattoo contests proudly sponsored by:

Pole Dancing Competition

Brought to you by: The Fit Factory

Sign up: Friday 2pm – 8pm
Rules:For the first round, each contestant will have 2 mins to show off your stuff to a song of your own choosing. In the final dance-off round, the top 2 contestants will have a 1 minute each to win over the crowd to a song chosen by the house DJ.
Times:The contest will take place Friday, March 31st at 9pm.
Prizes: The winner will receive a 5-pack for classes redeemable at The Fit Factory ($115 value)
Other Info: The pole will be cleaned between each performance.

Pole Dancing Competition at The No Limits Tattoo Expo by Fit Factory

Barber Competition

3 categories: Traditional | Fade and beard | Freestyle design

Barber showcase

Hair art on live models

Barber hair art display

Barbers displaying various designs

Barbers will cut show attendees!!

Hosted by Eli Da Barber
No Limits Tattoo Expo Barber Show case | Line Up and Fade
Hair Art Show case at the 2017 No Limits Tattoo Expo
Barber Displaying Line Design for Barber Competition at No Limits Tattoo Expo