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No Limits Tattoo Expo Tattoo Contests In NYC

It’s time to announce our No Limits Booth Giveaway! Huge shoutout to our sponsors at @ultimatetattoosupply for helping us pull this one off. We are going to be giving away a 10x10 No Limits Artist Booth to one lucky winner and their friend. All you need to do is be following @united_ink and @ultimatetattoosupply, then repost this picture using the #nolimitsboothgiveaway hashtag! Our very own @jackierubino will be picking the winner on Monday, January 30th. Good luck, and see you at No Limits, March 31st to April 2nd at Resorts World Casino NYC.

*Open to all artists or vendors who pass show approval. Prize does not include hotel or travel. 10x10 booth ONLY. Booth is not transferable. Must be used by winner at No Limits for self. If booth was already purchased we will refund cost to winner.

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Ms. United Ink

Time & Date: Saturday April 1 at 5 pm.

Registration Fee: $25. The fee includes the outfit that is mandatory to wear during the judging.

Contest Host: Bernadette Macias

Rules: Contestants must be tattooed. Will be judged on personality, looks and tattoos.

Prizes: Winner gets 4 page spread in Inked Magazine, $500 cash and a $100 gift card – 2nd place gets $300 cash – 3rd place gets $100 cash.

Ms. United Ink contest hosted by Bernadette Macias In NYC

Tattoo Awards


Original Flash
Worst Tattoo Contest (1st place only)
Most Unusual (1st place only)
Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve
Hand, Neck, Face
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)


Best Color Tattoo (all sizes)
Best Black & Grey Tattoo (all sizes)
Small Color Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Color Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Small Black & Grey (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Black & Grey Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Traditional & Neo-traditional
Horror (fresh & healed)
Ornamental (fresh & healed)
Animal Portrait (fresh & healed)
New York/ American Pride
Biomechanical (fresh & healed)
Fresh traditonal & neo-traditional
Fresh color & new school
Fresh Black & Grey
Fresh Portrait
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)


Avant-Garde (1st place only)
Watercolor (fresh & healed)
Floral (fresh & healed)
Asian Style
Overall Female (1st place only)
Overall Male (1st place only)
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)
Best of Show (1st place only)
Artist Hanger & Fusion Project – Best of Show