Body Painting In NYC & Long Island

Body Painting In NYC & Long Island _ Body Painter_ Body ArtIn this day and age, body painting is progressively becoming a well known art form. Many artists are using the human body as a canvas to display their artwork outside of tattooing. Body paint is a temporary form of body art that is painted onto human skin. Body paint lasts several hours unlike traditional henna tattoos that lasts two weeks.

This years New York Tattoo Show will feature famous body painters and artists who are well known in the tattoo industry. Unlike traditional tattoo conventions, the No Limits International Tattoo show is more of a Body Art Expo that showcases all types and genres of art.

Body Painting At The New York Tattoo Show In Queens and Long Island

Our Tattoo Conventions differ from many other shows in the New York area. The No Limits Tattoo show is more of a Body Art Expo that features a variety of styles including live tattooing, body painting, air brushing, face painting and more. At this years tattoo show you will expect to see a variety of diverse artists offering temporary and permanent body art solutions.

Body Painter Lela Perez | Italian Body Art PainterThe greatest part of this years Body Art Expo is the artists that will be attending. Award winning Italian body painter and designer Lela Perez has been painting bodies for a number of years. She has won a number of awards for best in belly painting, face painting, Illustration and more. Her body paintings have been showcased in a variety of magazines and publications around the world. Her best work can be seen on fashion runways, concerts and galleries around the country. You can see more of her work on her instagram

Last years body painting exhibits included work from Skin Wars contestant Fernello. Fernello has made his way in the body art industry. He has worked on a number of different models from around the world in addition to many famous people on Instagram. Fernello has been featured in a number of tv shows including New York Post, PIX 11, Queens Tribune, Univision, Despierta 15 and Record. He currently travels at different expos and conventions to show off his work. You can see the rest of his work here.

Body Painting Includes:

  • Cosplay Body Art
  • Fashion Body Art
  • UV Body Art

How Long Does It Take To Do Body Art Painting?

There is a number of different factors that determine how long it will take to complete a piece when body painting. The length of time it takes to paint your model depends on the design and how much coverage is needed. Typically, it takes several hours to complete a concept. Full body paint without much detail can take anywhere around 3 hours. Professional body painters can take anywhere from 6-10 hours to complete a piece because of the amount of detail they use on their subject.

Last Years Body Painting Photos

If you are interested in learning more about Body Art Painting or would like to participate in the No Limits or Flight 1017 Show contact United Ink at (631) 439-5828 today.