Body Art Expo In NYC & Long Island

New York’s Best Tattoo and Body Art Exhibit In NYC And Long Island

Body Art Expo In NYC & Long Island | Tattoo Expo in NYC & Long IslandThe New York Tattoo show is New York’s largest body art expo hosting over 250 world famous artists. Artists come from studios worldwide. We have dozens of tattoo booths, tattoo contests, piercing booths as well as a variety of entertainment. Unlike traditional tattoo expos, the New York Tattoo Show is one of a kind.

Every year we host two shows in NYC and Long Island. People come from around world just for the experience. We stay true to our roots and we’re all about the art. At the New York Tattoo Show you will be able to witness a variety of art forms and styles. We have live body painting, tattoos as well as live music.

New York Body Art Expo Sponsors

What makes our body exhibit so great is the sponsors that we currently have hosting the show with us. We have a number of sponsors that provide a variety of products and promotional materials for our guests and artists. Throughout the expo you will see some of the promotions that they currently offer.

Sponsors Include:

  • Find My Ink
  • World Famous Tattoo Ink
  • Inked Magazine
  • Ultimate Tattoo Supply
  • Skin2Skin
  • World Famous Tattoo Lou’s
  • Ace’s & 8’s Skateboards
  • Clean Slate Laser – Tattoo Removal Experts
  • 247 Ink Magazine

Full Body Art Experience

The best part of our body art expo is the artists in attendance. We take body artistry very seriously and carefully select our pro-team sponsors. The New York Tattoo Show has become increasingly popular and because of its explosive nature, we have become the best tattoo convention on the East Coast.

What To Expect At Our Body Art Expo

There is a number of things to expect at our body art expo. For one, expect to be blown away by the live performances. We have burlesque dancers, pole dancers, traveling sideshow freaks and sexy models all over the venue.

We have over 30 tattoo contests as well as a sexy bikini contest hosted by instagram model Bernadette Macias.

How Much Are Tickets

A daily ticket to our show is $25.00. Weekend passes are $55.00. You can get tickets to our show through Etix. For more information on our show call (631) 439-5828.