Let me paint you a word picture: You’re sitting at a restaurant with an Older Relative (you know the one) doing the mental math of how much you can reasonably drink without A) saying something you regret or B) getting told you drink too much. A server comes over to take your order, smiling politely, the edges of a tattoo partially hidden behind the collar of her shirt. You mentally add one additional drink to your equation — you’re probably going to need it. “Did you see that? She’s going to regret that one day when she’s trying to get a real job,” Older Relative says. “Just think what that’s going to look like when she’s my age.” Of course, you know better; Your friends have tattoos, your boss has tattoos, even you have tattoos (which you’re totally not bringing up at this dinner.) In a world where nearly 40 percent of millennials and Gen Xers have tattoos, the stigma just isn’t what it used to be. And maybe that’s part of the reason why an entirely different class of inking has been on the rise in recent years.If you spend much time in beauty circles, you’re bound to have caught the microblading trend that hit big a year or two ago. Unlike traditional tattoos, this semi-permanent process used artfully mixed pigments and very fine abrasions to grant the long-lasting illusion of naturally fuller, darker, more defined brows. The procedure’s popularity exploded practically overnight — RealSelf, a site that hosts reviews and research on various cosmetic procedures, says that demand for information on the procedure rose so sharply that they had to break out microblading as its own separate topic last year. In the nine months since, the technique has been researched by more than half a million users on the site.

Source: Everything to Know About Permanent Makeup Tattoos and Microblading Eyebrows – Fashionista