Tattoo Of Elephant With Tax RefundIt’s that time of the year again and no we’re not talking about the New York Tattoo Convention just yet. One of the biggest things that people look forward to after the New Year is tax season.  While it can be stressful, it’s a chance to get some money back in your bank account. People love the feeling of getting a nice chunk of change coming to them. With that said, here is how to plan your tattoo with your tax refund.

The first question that many people ask is how do you spend your tax refund? According to GoBankingRates, the last year average tax refund was $2,860 and we all know what that means. That’s enough money to get a nice amount of ink in your skin. Not only is it tax season but it’s also almost time for the New York Tattoo Convention.

People usually use their tax refund to pay off loans, pay down debt, pay for a vacation or make a big purchase. It’s safe to say that getting a new tattoo or getting your first tattoo applies to these wise choices as well. In fact many people choose to get tattooed during tax season with the extra money they make from their tax return.

Local tattoo shops around the United States report that they see a 70% increase in revenue during tax season with people wanting to spend their tax returns on tattoos. Tattoo shops are busy for about 6-8 months after tax season and then see a small decline once fall hits.  However, tattoo artists recommend that you get your tattoos done during the fall and winter to have a better chance to get tattooed with little to no wait time. Getting a tattoo in the fall or winter also helps to protect a new tattoo from the sun.

Though it may sound like a good idea to get a tattoo during tax season, there are some tattoo artists that advise against it. Some tattoo artists believe that people tend to make irrational decisions when they come into money. Some people end up regretting the tattoo they get because they rushed to fast. Local tattoo artists believe that you should plan your tattoo before hand.

4 Tips To Help You Plan Your Tattoo

  1. Plan your Tattoo before hand. Make sure you know what you want before you get tattooed. Look up ideas on the internet or look through books of tattoo flash that you can find at your local tattoo shop. A great place to find tattoo ideas is pinterest.
  2. Search for a reputable artist. Look for an tattoo artist that does similar work to the tattoo of your choice. They better they are, the better your tattoo.
  3. Make your tattoo appointment ahead of time. Planning ahead helps you not feel rushed and makes you feel more confident about your final decision.
  4. Make sure you have the funds to complete your tattoo. Wait until you receive your tax refund first before you leave your deposit. Anticipating before hand what you’re going to get back and what you’re really going to get can be two totally different amounts.

Hope this makes some cents!  For more information on How To Plan Your Next Tattoo With Your Tax Refund, drop a comment below or purchase tickets to the 2017 No Limits Tattoo Expo.