United Ink Takes A Look At The Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 From Around The World

Every year people look for something interesting to do in their community. If you’re from New York, people may search for Things To Do In NY or if you’re somewhere else in the states you may look for something in your area. Whatever your search may be, we always look for something adventurous to do. Most of the time people like to search for something revolving around art and culture. It seems to appeal to most people because it usually is an event that fills your imagination and curiosity. Now that the new year has arrived, The Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 have landed in a city near you!

In cities around the world, hundreds of world famous tattoo artists will come together under one roof to showcase their art and ink. Most tattoo conventions last around two or three days full of music, live entertainment, hot women and tattoos. Many diehard fans and tattoo enthusiasts will travel across the country to get tattoos from their favorite artist while others will travel hours just for the experience of seeing some of the biggest artists tattoo people.

2017 Tattoo Conventions Calendar

If you’re new to tattoo conventions, its highly recommended that you search for the conventions that are close to you and check those out first before you start booking flights to the international shows. Every year World Tattoo Events puts togethers a 2017 Tattoo Convention Calendar that showcases all conventions in the united states. For the diehard vets who travel every year, here are the best tattoo conventions 2017.

Best Tattoo Convention 2017 | No Limits International Tattoo Expo In NYCNew York Tattoo Show

If you’re from the East Coast and love tattoo conventions then you don’t want to miss out on the New York Tattoo Show. This New York City Tattoo Convention is the empire state’s largest tattoo convention in NY. The New York Tattoo Show is the most well known and most noteworthy in the country. The New York Tattoo Show has two large conventions in NYC and Long Island. They include famous celebrities and over 250 world famous tattoo artists in the Northeast. You can choose between The No Limits International Tattoo Expo or the Long Island Tattoo Festival. Both expos have a number of sponsors including Inked Magazine, World Famous Tattoo Ink, Ultimate Tattoo Supply and much more. The No Limits International Tattoo Expo goes down March 31st-April 2nd at The Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY.

Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 | Musink Tattoo ConventionMusink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival In California

Are you from the West Coast and dig tattoos? If you answered yes, then you don’t want to miss Travis Barker’s Musink Tattoo Convention in SoCal. At this Music festival and tattoo convention, you will find some of the biggest names in music, tattoos and even classic cars. The Musink Tattoo Convention has become an increasingly popular convention that generally takes place in March.


Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 | London Tattoo ConventionInternational London Tattoo Convention

When it comes to tattoo conventions in Europe, the International Tattoo Convention doesn’t play around. Most tattoo artists in the industry know about this expo and deem it one of the best. The London Tattoo Convention is more traditional than most new age tattoo conventions. They are strictly about the tattoos and aren’t big into music or other subcultures and this is why many artists prefer this convention in Europe. The London Tattoo Convention takes place September 22,23 and 24th at Tobacco Dock. More info can be found on their website London Tattoo Convention.

Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 | Berlin Tattoo ConventionBerlin Tattoo Convention

The Berlin Tattoo Convention is known as one of Europe’s most popular tattoo attractions. Tattoo Artists gather from around the world to tattoo at this convention and share their artwork with others. The Berlin Tattoo Convention is known for its various styles and art forms such as traditional and realistic tattoos. If you live near Berlin or interested in traveling to Europe then you don’t want to miss this show. Berlins tattoo convention takes place in August art Arena Berlin.

Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 | Showdown Tattoo FestivalTexas Showdown Fest

If your’e from the midwest or southwest and in love with tattoos then you don’t want to miss the Texas Showdown Fest. This tattoo festival really puts on a show like no other. ┬áThe Showdown fest is considered the country’s largest tattoo & music festival. The tattoo festival in Texas has some of the biggest names in the music industry performing at their shows like the Deftones, Ice Cube, Yelawolf and more. They have a number of locations throughout the U.S. that they stop at during their tour. The Texas Showdown Fest takes place in September in El Paso.

Even though it’s to early to say, we can definitely agree that last years tattoo conventions were so good that the line up puts them on the top of The Best Tattoo Conventions 2017 list.