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Harley Quinn Watercolor Tattoo by Justin Nordine

Why WaterColor Tattoos Are Becoming Popular

Many people can argue that tattoos of animals or hearts are the most popular tattoos amongst people, but studies have shown that the latest trend in body art is Watercolor Tattoos. For the past few years Watercolor Tattoos have become increasingly popular around the world. Many Tattoo Artists are mastering this art form and offering it to their clients as a new design alternative.

Social media and tattoo expos have made it much easier for trends to go viral. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration for these wonderful tattoo designs. Tattoo Expos are a great way to exhibit and showcase new styles of tattoos. As this medium continues to grow so does the artists experience with using this style.

According to Business Insider, this particular trend has taken off in the last 5 years. People believe that Watercolor Tattoos are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than thick bold lines and dark shading. “It creates more options for the client when they step into a tattoo shop” says Lou Rubino of World Famous Tattoo Ink.

One of The World Famous Tattoo Artists to master Watercolor Tattoos is Justin Nordine. Justin Nordine who has been featured in NBC News has made Watercolor Tattooing his niche. His clients travel thousands of miles to get a one of a kind tattoo done by Justin. His shop Raw Canvas in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado receives a number or inquiries a day for watercolor designs. With the internet as big as it is, it has become much easier for artists like Justin to promote their type of artwork and inspire other artists to learn as well.

Tattoo enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards Watercolor Tattoos because of the vibrant and smoothly blended colors. Watercolor Tattoos tend to pop out on your skin and look like a priceless piece of artwork. Whether you’re looking for a feather tattoo, geometric watercolor tattoos or even a elephant watercolor tattoo, the options are now at your disposal.

It is important to choose the right artist to work on your watercolor tattoo. Even though this type of tattoo may look simple and not as complex as other style tattoos, there is specific technique that the artist must master before offering this type of tattoo. Many copy cats look try copying this style because it is an increasingly popular fad but not all artists can do it correctly.

With body modifications on the rise, many new art forms are introduced into the tattoo industry. Many clients are left with hundreds of new options from new vegan tattoo ink, better quality tattoo machines, and safer after care products. Now that Watercolor tattoos have emerged to the surface, we have the opportunity to see examples of watercolor designs.

The Pros and Cons To WaterColor Tattoos

There is a number or pros and cons to getting watercolor tattoos. People who are interested in getting a watercolor tattoo should understand what they are getting into first. There is a number of articles out there good and bad that explain why and why not someone should get a watercolor tattoo.

First off, pain is generally the same. With any tattoo there is some level of pain or discomfort. Depending on the image and the artist, the outlining and coloring may be done differently. It’s best to see the artists portfolio first before jumping into getting a watercolor tattoo.

The Pros

There is a number of pros to having a watercolor tattoo. For one, fresh water color tattoos look colorful and modern. They stand out much more than typical tattoos do. Not only do watercolor tattoos look unique but they also look like a real piece of artwork. To get that type of vibrancy in color you need to use a quality tattoo ink as well.

The Cons

When it comes to the saturation of color, it is important to choose the right types of tattoo inks that are not only good quality but also vibrant and long lasting. The con that people tend to complain about when getting a water color tattoo is that they fade over time. A fresh tattoo looks different from a healed tattoo. Over time tattoos tend to fade little by little. If the water color has no outlines defining the shape, they tend to look blotchy as time goes on.

Whether you’re looking for a new tattoo or your first watercolor tattoo, it’s best you do your due diligence first. Make sure you look around for a reliable artist with a good portfolio who specializes in watercolor tattoos.

Examples of WaterColor Tattoos


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