United Ink Angels

Join The Ranks!

The official United Ink Angel Team is growing – Join Heather Moss, and Kayla Van Fleet, as they present our latest and most sexy team of gorgeous Inked Angels.

Miss United Ink, Heather Moss is looking for some Inked Angels to join our ranks. If you’re tattooed, hot and ready to rock, you can submit your info (website /modelmayhem handle/ facebook url, etc.) with your name and contact number and email address to Jackie@newyorktattooshow.com

As we approach the convention date, Heather Moss and our convention director Jackie Rubino will be choosing the best of the applicants. In September we will announce the chosen applicants from both shows to be presented live at United Ink Flight 914. Heather and Jackie will then present the Official United Ink Angels 2014!  Visit and Like our Page:

Ink Angels on Facebook Click HERE

*All applicants must be registered and stage ready by 4pm Saturday September 13th!!! at the Cradle of Aviation Museum

Criteria of an Angel: The Models involvement in the tattoo industry and convention circuit.  The United Ink Angels basically represent United Ink at conventions and tattoo related events throughout the year. They get paid for some events but not most. They also are exposed to United Ink contacts in the industry for magazine and photo exposure etc.

In order to be an Ink Angel you have to commit to be at a minimum of 5 industry events promoting and representing United Ink. Also, Ink Angels can sell convention booths and make commission on booths sold. That can be done at shows, by phone, or anyway you see fit to sell booths.  Booths are not limited to just tattoo artists, we also have clothing companies, jewelry etc…ALL BOOTHS MUST BE APPROVED Jackie@newyorktattooshow.com.

There are two ways to become an Ink Angel. One is by getting picked directly by us. In order for that to happen you have to show me that you are able to fulfill the obligations of an Ink Angel. The other way is to actually attend our shows and compete against other contestants (explained above – again you still must be able to fulfill Ink Angel obligations). This is not a run of the mill beauty contest. It is a business partnership where we support each other. If this sounds like something you are interested in email Jackie@newyorktattooshow.com