United Ink Hall of Fame and Award Ceremony

United Ink Award Ceremony & Hall of Fame Celebration 2013

United Ink will be presenting the industry’s 2nd Elite Award Ceremony as part of the New York Convention. Additionally, we will be adding inductees into the United Ink Hall of Fame.

We have established a committee that will choose nominees in a number of industry-specific categories. The committee will also choose the inductees to the Hall of Fame . There will be honorary members, which will be old timer tattoo artists, who have fought through the walls society has put in front of them during in times when tattooing was not so popular or regulated. Those artists will be honored and remembered for the struggles they endured while paving the way for today’s great artists.

Select, elite artists will not be eligible to receive an award, instead they will be honored as presenters in categories specific to their specialty. Allowing up and coming artists who have shown their dedication to the art, the opportunity to be recognized amongst their peers.

The award ceremony will have several categories like

• artist of the year
• best new artist
• lifetime achievement award
• best realism
• best color bomb
• best biomechanics
• best traditional
• best neo-traditional…etc.

This will not only be an award ceremony, it will be a platform to showcase and recognize the various techniques, styles, and contributions that make up the tattoo industry.


Hall of Fame Inductees: Honorary Members/ Tattoo artists or groups that have paved the way or made an iconic movement or contribution to the tattoo industry.

Artist Members: Artists that have been one of the top celebrated artist in the media and in the tattoo convention circuit. Must be one of the most valuable artists in today’s Internet’s social media & tattoo community. Artists that have reached the highest level within in the past 2 decades.

* Shane O’neill
* Paul Booth
* Mario Barth
* Guy Aitcheson
* Dave Lukeson
* Brandon Bond
• Bob Tyrrell

Special categories:

1. Lifetime Achievement Award

* Bowery Stan

2. MVA (Most Valuable Artist)
* Roman Abrego
* Nick Baxter
* Nikko Hurtado
* Monte Agee
* Jess Yen

3. Iconic Tattoo Convention Award
* Hell city Tattoo
* Ink & Iron Festival
* Philadelphia Tatto Arts Convention
* Paradise Tattoo Gathering

4. Best Tattoo Magazine Publication
* Tattoo Society MAG
* Tattoo Artist Mag
* SkinArt Mag
* Inked Mag
* Rebel Ink
* Bound by Ink
* Tattoo Life

5. Guinness World Record Award
* Alle Tatuatore- Tattooed on the highest mountain/facebook
* Tattoo Lou Jr – Tattoo Machine

6. Tattoo industry Marketing Icon award
* Brandon Bond
* Mario Barth
* Chris Blinston
* Jun Cha

7. Tattoo Legislative Advocate Award:
* Cathy Montie
* Chris Collins
* John Vlack
* Damian Guerin

8. Best Industry Tattoo Model
* Sabina Kelly
* Cameron Rodgers
* Jessie Deville
* Queen Esther
* Mary Leigh Maxwell

Main Categories:

1. Traditional-
* Alex Roots
* Myke Chambers
* Dave Kruseman

2. Realism
* Mike Devries
* Roman Abrego
* Zhang Po
* Boris
* Nikko Hurtado
* Marshal Bennet

3. Bio-mechanical
* Roman Abrego
* Carson Hill
* Don McDonald
* Aaron Cain

4. Horror/Evil
* Ron Russo
* Dan Hank
* Tommy Lee
* Paul Acker

5. New School
* Jime Litwalk
* Jason Ackerman
* Kristel Oreto
* Jason Stephan
* Jessie Smith
* Gunnar
* Timmy B

6. Black & Grey
* José Lopez
* Johnny Quintanas
* Big Gus
* Jack Rudy
* Jun Cha

7. Asian Style
* Master Mike
* Filip Leu
* Jess Yen
* James Vaughn
* Shige
* Mike Rubendall

Finale Awards:

1. People’s Choice Award
* Bob Tyrrell

2. Artist of the Year
* James Vaughn
* Roman Abrego
* Nikko Hurtado
* Liz Cook
* Chris Dingwell

For Celebrity or media related inquiries, contact jackie@united-ink.com