New Jersey Tattoo Convention

Tattoo Conventions and Expos for New Jersey by United Ink ProductionsSearching for new Tattoos? Do you like entertainment and freak shows? Are you from New Jersey and looking for the latest tattoo convention or expo? Whether you’re located in Newark, Trenton, Edison or even Toms river, United Ink Productions has a tattoo show for you. We offer two major tattoo expos in New York. Our tattoo expos have been going on four over 4 years and have become Empire State’s leading tattoo convention. Our Queens location has done very well and is looking to triple in size by 2017.

United Ink takes great pride in providing tattoo shows for New Jersey residents. Being New Yorkers our tattoo expos help residents of Jersey with local and world famous tattoo artists and vendors. Below are the tattoo conventions that we currently host in the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Providing The Best Tattoo Convention For New Jersey Residents

United Ink provides their fans with a variety of tattoo related resources to help them have the best experience possible. When searching for a tattoo expo in New Jersey, it is important to find a convention that offers shows to residents in the surrounding area. Tattoo Expos with a large venue are able to accommodate more people and have more to offer at their shows. United Ink’s tattoo expos in NYC and Queens provide you with everything you’re looking for. United Ink has partnered with one of the biggest growing casino in New York, The Resorts World Casino. Our partnership with Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY has given us the opportunity to provide you with the best Tattoo Convention in New York.

We Specialize In The Following Tattoo Expos For New Jersey:

Don’t end spending money on smaller tattoo conventions in New Jersey that don’t have what you’re looking for. Our Tattoo Expos showcase over 250 World Famous Artists and the latest in Tattoo Technology and supplies. Whether you’re in need of a new tattoo, new tattoo inks or a booth, United Ink Productions has what you need.

For more information on our Tattoo Expos for New Jersey, Contact United Ink Productions or call (631) 439-5828.