Miss United Ink

Miss United Ink and Tattoo Super Model, Heather Moss is our official spokesperson for the United Ink Angels and your host of several upcoming events!

*All applicants must be registered and stage ready by 5pm Friday & 1pm Saturday at the Cradle of Aviation Criteria of an Angel:

United Ink Angels Contest

We are changing up how we do the contest this year giving girls the chance to really show their beauty, grace, ethics and intelligence. This year the contest will take place over the span of 3 days beginning with preliminaries on Friday, Saturday and announcing the newest United Ink Angel on Sunday Afternoon.

Girls who wish to participate MUST be available all 3 days. Friday and Saturday we will be selecting 2-3 girls each day that fit the mold for what we wish to see in our Angels. This contest is both brains and beauty with an edge. We are looking for intellectual beauties that are looking to work alongside of some of the best in the industry. This is a network of women that help each other grow and advance their careers all while being part of one of the biggest and most anticipated tattoo conventions in the nation. There will be many networking opportunities that come along with adding United Ink Angel to your resume. As a winner to the contest you MUST be available for appearances and promotions leading up to the shows. After winning your sash on either Friday or Saturday with your brains and beauty you MUST attend the rest of the weekend showing off your ethics and hard work. You will be needed for taking pictures, meet and greets, working with any show affiliated tasks and looking good while doing it.

The Models must have involvement in the tattoo industry and convention circuit. The United Ink Angels basically represent United Ink at conventions and tattoo related events throughout the year. They get paid for SOME events but not most. We do provide various different types of PERKS. Tailored to each Angel’s role in the group. They also are exposed to United Ink contacts in the industry for magazine and photo exposure etc. In order to be an Ink Angel you have to commit to be at a minimum of 5 industry events promoting and representing United Ink. Also, Ink Angels can sell convention booths and make commission on booths sold. That can be done at shows, by phone, or anyway you see fit to sell booths. Booths are not limited to just tattoo artists, we also have clothing companies, jewelry etc…ALL BOOTHS MUST BE APPROVED Jackie@newyorktattooshow.com

The newest Angel will be chosen by a panel of judges and also crowd participation so if you have friends….. BRING THEM. Show us who supports you!!!!!
-submit your info (website /Instagram/ facebook url) with your name and contact number and email address to angels@newyorktattooshow.com
-Dress to impress!!!!!! Bring your best outfit that shows your personality and your style.
-You MUST be able to show your tattoo work!!!
-There will be questions to answer. We will not be doing a dance off, booty shaking contest or anything else distasteful.

-A sash and crown and named the newest United Ink Angel
- $250 gift certificate to World Famous Tattoo Lou’s
-A prize bag full of clothing from industry based lines
-A photo shoot and spread with the biggest tattoo magazine Inked Girls!!!
-2015 United Ink Angels Calendar Page