H.R. Giger Inspired Tattoo Contests

Sunday  7/29/12

Featured Tattoo Contests of the expo!

• Best HR Giger Inspired Tattoo (Winner awarded Biomechanical Tattoo sculpture)
* This category is best defined as – Tattoos of original HR Giger work. this includes sculptures, paintings, drawings form Gigers art books and catologues. Yes, Alien tattoos are ok but they must be based on the original work of the artist.

• Best Biomechanical Tattoo ( Winner awarded Biomechanical Tattoo Ring)
* This category is defined as – Tattoos that have taken inspiration from Biomechanical work. This would include anything that has a biomechanical feel, images taken from movies, the web etc.

Contest winners wil be awarded with:

Other Related Giger Material

Recovery of original art – Please contact Gigerweb1@aol.com for more information on the below.