Flight1017 Long Island Tattoo Convention

October 20th – 22nd 2017


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Welcome To The Flight 1017 Tattoo Convention In Long Island NY

If you’re into tattoo conventions, the Flight 1017 has everything in a tattoo show that you’re looking for. Our Tattoo Expo features world famous tattoo artists, live entertainment, music and much more. The location of our tattoo convention in Long Island is to be announced later this year!

One of the greatest things about our Flight Tattoo shows is the availability of tattoo artists attending the show. The Long Island Tattoo Convention showcases over 250 world famous artists and vendors. Thousands of people gather at our tattoo convention to meet their favorite artists. Many of our tattoo artists have large followings and have tattooed world famous celebrities.

Event Information

Tattoo Convention Long Island NY by New York Tattoo Show Flight Tattoo FestivalFlight 1017 Tattoo Convention will be held from October 20th thru October 22nd at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY. There will be over 250 world famous tattoo artists and 30+ vendors and tattoo suppliers offering shop necessities and merchandise. All ages welcome.


Location: Cradle Of Aviation Museum – Garden City, NY

Show Dates: October 20th – October 22, 2017

Show Hours: Friday 2pm – 11pm | Saturday: 12pm – 11pm | Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

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Pricing Information

Daily pass: $25 Adults – $12 Children (age 2-12)
Museum Members: $17 Adults – $7 Children (age 2-12)
Weekend pass:$60
Tickets are available online or at the door.
There is an online fee of $2.00 per ticket added to your purchase.
Parking is FREE.
Tattoo/piercing costs vary per person. Please consult your artist for specific costs.

Artists Scheduled To Appear

A.D. Pancho
World Famous Artist
Sergey Shanko
World Famous Artist
Antonina Troshina
World Famous Artist
Josh Herman
World Famous Artist
St. Marq
World Famous Artist
Nuno Feio
World Famous Artist
Bryan Merck
World Famous Artist
Adam Perj
World Famous Artist
Jhon Campuzano
World Famous Artist
Pony Lawson
World Famous Artist
Babiery Hernandez
World Famous Artist
David Robinowitz
World Famous Artist
Mick Rat
World Famous Artist
Lydia Bruno
World Famous Artist
Jason Ackerman
World Famous Artist
Uber Derek
World Famous Artist
World Famous Artist
Thomas Bulman
World Famous Artist
Antonio Proietti
World Famous Artist
Karma Snail
World Famous Artist
Bryant Hidalgo
Green Elephant Ink
Bobby Cupparo
Marek Pawlik
Leif Mchatton
Studio Thirteen
Sasha Woland
Sasha Woland Tattoo
Kristin Bonafide
Rabbits Den Tattoo
Caleb Neff
Rose City Tattoo

Convention Highlights



With over 250 featured artists from all over the world, there is sure to be something that fits your style. Whether you’re looking to get your first tattoo or back for another piece, there will be an artist waiting to work with you.



Need some piercings? Stop by our piercing booth and get some new holes poked in you!



30+ vendors are waiting to showcase all the great products they have to offer. Everything from shop supplies to the latest merch will be available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Flight 1017 Tattoo Expo Long Island NY

“Women Of Ink: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph”

Sunday, October 22nd at 1pm during United Ink: Flight 1017- Tattoo & Arts Festival at Cradle of Aviation Museum!

This open forum discussion will showcase 5 female tattoo artists of varying experiences, styles, and backgrounds fielding questions and giving insight onto the life of a female in the tattoo industry with a special host to top it all off.

Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand: America’s Tattoo Godmother, one of the original “Council Of Seven”, part of Sailor Jerry Collins’ first International Tattoo Convention. Kate has been tattooing since 1972 and has seen it all!

Sarah Miller: Pittsburgh-based tattoo artist, runner-up on Season 2 of Ink Master on Spike. Sarah’s powerful realistic style of tattooing has won her countless awards across the planet, and maybe even distant galaxies.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey: Black and Gray realism tattoo specialist based out of Kingston, Pennsylvania and winner of Spike Ink Master season 8. Ryan has taken the tattoo world by storm in less than a decade of practicing the art.

Lydia Bruno: London-born. Albany, NY-crafted. Lydia has a decade of experience with specializing in Black & Grey realism. Contestant on Season 4 of Spike’s Ink Master. Lydia questions everything, and believes nothing until the riddle of life is solved.

Kristel Oreto: A traveling tattoo artist that’s nostalgic for the past, but optimistic for the future and views the world through rose-colored glasses. Her publication of coloring books and IOS app has made her the Lisa Frank of the tattoo world. Her style is full, bright colors with bold lines and no apologies for her vivd imagination when it comes to creating unique works of art on human skin.

HOST: The one and only Jackie Rubino herself. Jackie’s reputation as Queen of World Famous Tattoo Ink, World Famous Tattoo Lou’s, and all of the brands under the Rubino umbrella has made her a force to be reckoned with in the tattoo world as far as events, building relationships, and being pivotal in the brand’s quickly-skyrocketing popularity.

Tattoo Awards

Contest registration for all days begins at the start of the expo on Friday. You may signup for any category up until that specific category judging begins.


Original Flash
Worst Tattoo Contest (1st place only)
Most Unusual (1st place only)
Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve
Hand, Neck, Face
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

Both ‘Tattoo Of The Day’ winners will receive an Inkjecta Nano courtesy of Inkjecta.


Best Color Tattoo (all sizes)
Best Black & Grey Tattoo (all sizes)
Small Color Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Color Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Small Black & Grey Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
Large Black & Grey Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
Traditional & Neo-traditional
Horror (fresh & healed)
Ornamental (fresh & healed)
Animal Portrait (fresh & healed)
New York/ American Pride
Biomechanical (fresh & healed)
Fresh traditonal & neo-traditional
Fresh color & new school
Fresh Black & Grey
Fresh Portrait
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

Both ‘Tattoo Of The Day’ winners will receive an FK Xion courtesy of FK Irons.


Avant-Garde (1st place only)
Watercolor (fresh & healed)
Floral (fresh & healed)
Asian Style
Overall Female (1st place only)
Overall Male (1st place only)
Tattoo of the Day (color)
Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)
Best Collaboration Tattoo
Best of Show (1st place only)
Artist Hanger & Fusion Project – Best of Show
Grand Prix Award – must have won 1st place in any category to enter.

Both ‘Tattoo Of The Day’ winners will receive an Inkjecta Nano courtesy of Inkjecta.
‘Best Of Show’ winner will receive an FK Xion courtesy of FK Irons.
‘Grand Prix’ winner will receive an FK Xion courtesy of FK Irons.

Contest Judges

Tattoo contests proudly sponsored by:

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Artist Hanger & Fusion Project

The Artist Hanger & Fusion Project was commissioned to allow aspiring or experienced artists to gain exposure for their work to a large diverse audience. Each exhibit we raise money to a charity of choice. We have supported Autism Awareness, Michael’ Hope, Face The Music Foundation and Little Flower Children and Family Services of NY.
Email:[email protected]

Ilya Cascad
Om Shakti Tattoo Shop
Jason Ackerman
Jason Ackerman Art


Shanghai Kate - From Voodoo To Vogue

Did you know that tattooing began as a sacred spiritual practice? Did you know that tattooing is, historically, a female art form? From Voodoo to Vogue details the remarkable evolution of tattoo: from pre-history Ice Age, up through modern trendy acceptance of this ancient art. A pioneer herself, Shanghai Kate highlights the female role in tattoo: a shocking, brave, and fascinating account of human history.

Tina Davies LIVE BLADE and SHADE Microblading Demo

In this exclusive event, Tina Davies, artist and designer of the Harmony Microblade™, will give a live demonstration of her Blade and Shade technique. Watch how she brings dimension and realism to a brow design by combining these two unique processes to give a woman the brows of her dreams!

Advanced Black & Grey Tattooing – Jose Perez Jr.

Chicago native, Jose Perez Jr., specializes in Detailed Black & Grey Realism. Find him at Dark Water Studio in Willow Springs, IL (southwest suburb of Chicago). Jose has been tattooing since 2004. Sponsored by World Famous Ink, H2Ocean, FKIrons, Ultimate Tattoo Supply, Sullen & Stencil Stuff.

Mindset & Motivation – Jose Perez Jr.

Join Jose Perez Jr. for a 1 hour discussion on what it takes to have and maintain a business mindset in the tattoo industry. After 15 years in the industry, Jose can teach you tips and tricks of the trade. Covering topics including: how to chose the right reference photo, tools to help with time efficiency, client relations, and more.

A.R.T. Areola Restorative Tattooing with Stacie Rae

Highlights include: How to get the most out of the Pink Ribbon Series | How to achieve a truly 3 Dimensional appearance with just shading and highlight techniques | Emotional Importance and Sacred Calling to do this work. | How to identify and successfully tattoo radiation burns, keloid scarring and stretch marks |
How to use ‘collagen induction therapy’ to reduce the appearance of scars

The Art Of Lettering - Flaks

One of the most well-known lettering artists in the country will take you through his methods, his beginnings, and what he’s learned as he’s honed his style over the years, while tattooing at Nittis Tattoo Parlor in San Diego, CA. Also available for purchase in this seminar will his book regarding lettering as well ($75.00).

Interpretation of Reality – Poch

The images and vision as he sees them through his eyes, the materials he uses, why he uses them and his mindset in creating art.

Special Guest Appearance


Meet & greet included with cost of admission!

Actor Nico Tortorella currently stars as a lead in Darren Star’s hit comedy series, YOUNGER, now in Season 4 and garnering its highest ratings ever. He was previously a series regular opposite Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy on Fox’s hugely successful series THE FOLLOWING. Feature films include his starring role in Stephen Sommers’ ODD THOMAS opposite Anton Yelchin, Willem Dafoe and Tim Robbins. Joel Schumacher was the first to identify Nico’s natural and raw talent, casting him in two of his films, TWELVE and TRESPASS. Nico also shot the HBO/Mike White pilot MAMMA DALLAS as well as the lead role of “Carson” in the independent “fictional documentary” cult film HUNTER & GAME. A longtime lover of theater, last year found Nico on stage tap dancing opposite YOUNGER co-star Sutton Foster for four of her tour dates with The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as well as making his theater debut in Jordan Jaffe’s play CRUDE, earning rave reviews for his portrayal of Jaime, most notably from the NY Times. Tortorella just starred in MENENDEZ: BLOOD BROTHERS for Lifetime co-starring Courtney Love and is now in Season 2 of his hit podcast THE LOVE BOMB, in which he explores the all-encompassing topic of love and the labels associated with them. Having launched just last year, it’s already ranked #1 in the “Personal Journals” category and sits in the Top 50 iTunes Top 200 podcasts with over 3 million downloads.

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