United Ink Expo – Convention Etiquette

Convention Etiquette: Photography Do’s and Don’ts

With the United Ink Tattoo & Body Arts Expo quickly approaching (it runs July 27 to 29, 2012 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale), Tattoo Lou’s is here to remind you of proper convention photography etiquette. We want everyone to have a great time at United Ink Tattoo & Body Arts Expo—maybe you can even learn a thing or two about the art of body modification—but we want to make sure that everyone is safe, as well!

DO ask an artist, piercer, or subject if you can take a photograph.

Be nice! With all the time and effort put into the killer tattoos you’ll see at the convention, it’s nice not to be treated like a zoo animal. Ask nicely for permission before your photograph your subject. They’ll appreciate your asking instead of immediate flashing lights like a paparazzo.

DO show the picture after you’ve taken it.

Showing the picture you’ve taken to the artist, piercer, or tattoo subject is common courtesy, just to ensure that the photo you’ve taken works for both of you. And who doesn’t love some instant feedback? This helps your portfolio, if you’re trying to build one.

DO thank the subject after you’ve taken a photo.

Maybe you didn’t listen when your mother said it, or you missed that day in Sunday school, but “please” and “thank you” make the world go ‘round. That applies here.

DON’T throw a fit if someone declines your request for a picture.

Sure, it’s not hard to pose for a photo, but when you’ve had a day of flashes in your face, you may not want to be present for another. If you ask to take a picture of a tat or artist and the artist declines, say “ok, thank you” and move on. No need to be a diva! There will be plenty of people to photograph and take photos with.

DON’T smack-talk someone else’s camera.

Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony—who cares? A good photographer can take a great snapshot with a disposable point-and-shoot, so save the brand pissing match for another time. Or never, really. Having a thousand dollar camera doesn’t make you better than the guy who spent $100.

DO chat with other photographers.

See another photographer snapping some great shots of the ink and piercings at the convention? Strike up a conversation. You can share tips, tricks, and other great subject matter. Making a contact (or a new friend!) is always a win.

These are just a few tips so you can take some great snaps during the United Ink Tattoo & Body Arts Expo. We hope to see you all on July 27 to 29! Don’t have your tickets yet? Click here and get ‘em now!